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Rebuild 3 (PC) artwork

Rebuild 3 (PC) review

"I recommend playing Rebuild 2 first, and after a few hours, you find yourself wanting more..."

I've played and replayed Rebuild 2 a dozen times. So glad to have actually found this after a mere google search. It's certainly worth the initial 15$ (hopefully the upgrade option will stick around) if you enjoy this sort of thing.

I still don't really know what has me stick to this 'franchise' as much as it does. From the variance to the charming characters, this is a welcome expansion on Rebuild 2's systems.

Rebuild 3 is basically a city simulator and resource manager. Every game starts you off with four survivors with varying skills, five plots on a gridded map system, and little else. You can create your "main" character who starts off with an extra perk or piece of equipment depending on how you set them up so they are typically hardier than average. You can take one action per character, per turn and you eventually have to end the turn and just take what the world gives you. It can be compared to 4X games in this regard, but a lot simpler.

There's a campaign as well as a sandbox mode, which is where I spend most of my time. You can customize the size of the city and how many factions are available. Throughout the game you can pick and choose how you treat certain factions. I was once planning to be cooperative to one faction until they demanded a pile of supplies for no real reason. Or the Government for trying to be overbearing in their style of leadership, so I chose to take them out.

While I still play on easy, I found it more difficult to manage happiness this time around. All the more irritating when everyone and their mother were pining over being welcome on the plane I just found but took forever to rebuild.

I never took much stock in the endgame scoring systems. I noticed I took a massive point hit for 'taking so long'. But I enjoy this game because I am a careful player. I scout, I wipe out zombies, and I clear the map because I enjoy doing so. Yet I'm penalized for taking my time and making sure my defenses are secure and not getting ransacked by angry factions. Okay then, sure. I'm not looking to be on any scoreboards, just looking to have fun.

Regardless, I do imagine this game being very specific to the player. Replayability with this series is at all time high with every save game being fully customizeable from the number of factions you have to deal with, to the size of the city.

I recommend playing Rebuild 2 first (if you haven't) and after a couple (or a few) hours, you find yourself desiring more... Then absolutely drop some dollars on this.


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Community review by Zydrate (August 22, 2017)

Zydrate is most active on Steam and Tumblr.

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