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Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator (PC) artwork

Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator (PC) review

"Have some fairy cake. Hold onto your pearls."

If you're familiar with Monty Python, Benny Hill, and other British comedies then this is going to be something you'll enjoy and start making some haughty comments to yourself as you smartly align your insults so you can indeed have your character spout off "Your hovercraft smells of eels!" Not quite like the original quote, but makes for a nice insult.

Oh...Sir!! is that nice homage to watching public broadcasting when we were a lot more innocent and thought British humor was smart when in truth it was incredibly cheeky and rude. Ah, it taught me some nice insult skills. Those skills do come in handy in this game.

It's a fairly simple game. Build a sentence to insult your opponent. The more absurd of an insult, the better your points. Well...not entirely true. See, your insult has to make a tiny bit of sense. If you're thinking as you string together insults, chances are you'll place higher. Longer insults get better scores but those that seem to be more coherent also do better. To help you get even higher scores, you can earn combos by lingering on the same subject like insulting someone's mother, hamsters, or their hovercraft. There are also weaknesses to exploit.

Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator (PC) image

Whittle down someone's pride and carry on. Stiff upper lip, eh?

The conquest against the computer isn't the entire draw... You can play online against friends. Given just how cheap this game is, this provides for a lot of unpredictable fun. Think Cards Against Humanity only much less swearing with super proper British people trying to not be very cruel but show how cross they are with a good ol' insult-off.

If multiplayer isn't your thing, you can spend time unlocking characters and scenarios to insult at. It doesn't take long to unlock new characters, but you might become so wrapped up in insulting and arguing that you'll lose track of time.

Everything is voice acted so when your character is introduced to a new situation, you can hear them use the standard script (except for one moment but I'll refrain from being so picky). It's nice to have that detail. If I want to rush through and not listen to anyone, I can just keep clicking like a crazy person. No need to mute anything unless I desperately need no noise.

Your pixelated characters are comical and exaggerated. The art style is fitting and I particularly love Mrs. Maggie. She reminds me of Terry Jones. The voice just screams Terry Jones to me and this made me feel a little warm and fuzzy to get that feeling. Other characters clearly draw inspiration from other popular media, but Mrs. Maggie particular spoke to me because of that. Sure it's not something cutting edge, but this is a humor game and a very cheap one at that. I admire the designs for the nostalgia they give me and I appreciate what they accomplish. If I had one critique, it would be that the other scenarios were nearly as obvious as the pet shop. Sure, everyone knows that sketch and I know the tutorial levels because of the things hidden in it. But I feel like I wanted a little more out of the other ones. No really, hit me over the head with some of the homages to British comedy because while I'm a fan, I'm incredibly stupid sometimes.

Oh...Sir!! The Insult Simulator (PC) image

I've seen some people criticize the voice acting and...I'm not sure if they understand what this game is about. The voices are incredibly spot on for what British comedy is and the final stage is a wonderful nod to pop culture of today. It's great. For the attention to detail on the British comedy that most of us grew up with (because face it, I was poor and PBS showed some awesome stuff after 8pm that wasn't opera) as well as other references we go WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE over.

A pretty solid game to waste time with and invite friends to do so with. However...this is going to be lost on certain gamers. If you're not willing to understand some British comedy and insist the entire world bend to American style comedy, then don't bother. The world doesn't have one way of laughing and British comedy was a very dark commentary on British behavior, politics, and other related things. It isn't hard to appreciate multiple forms of comedy, is it? If you can't, perhaps you should go find something else. Maybe a knock-knock joke book would be more of your speed!

So if you like to laugh and might want to learn something, go right ahead. If you love Monty Python, you'll love the references. Like British stuff? Get some tea and get ready to insult. Invite some friends. Have some fairy cake. Hold onto your pearls.


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Community review by jamie (February 27, 2017)

Your friendly disabled girly-girl gamer.

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jerec posted March 05, 2017:

This is a decent review, and it has made me slightly interested in the game itself, although maybe you overstate your position on British vs American humour a little much towards the end there. I'm able to appreciate both forms of humour, because I'm Australian. We get the best of both worlds.

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