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Eventide 2: The Sorcerers Mirror (PC) artwork

Eventide 2: The Sorcerers Mirror (PC) review

"Itís a good game, itís accessible and enjoyable, but it could be better."

Itís time to jump back into the world of Slavic mythology with Eventide 2: The Sorcererís Mirror! This is a fun and simple hidden object game with casual puzzles and an interesting story. While this is a sequel, you donít have to play the first installment to understand whatís happening. For myself, I preferred the first game. While this was a nice game to play it was a bit short and a bit easy, but anyone new to this genre may find it to be a good way to get their feet wet.

The story follows Mary from the first game, though nothing is mentioned about that adventure except from the cover a magazine. Youíre out mountain climbing with your niece when trouble strikes and she is kidnapped by the evil sorcerer Tvardovsky... because she looks like his dead wife. You spend the rest of the game trying to free her as well as help the village heís using to fuel his sick experiments by dangling the spirits of their loved ones in front of them. The story is interesting but I really couldnít find anything Slavic about it unless I searched the internet for things and Iím sure I missed some points because Iím just not a folklorist. As a fan of the previous game I was disappointed how far removed it was from that title.

Eventide 2: The Sorcerers Mirror (PC) image

As mentioned before, this is a hidden object game. The game offers seventeen scenes, none of which you have to visit twice. They range from a list of items you need to find, to finding a certain amount of an item, like flowers. I enjoyed them and found them well made. The downside of this game, however, is the puzzles. They are just too easy. There was only one I had any difficulty with, everything else provided little to no challenge whatsoever. You have a map that you can use to teleport, however it doesnít seem to have exact locations, just general ones. Like, if an area has three or four parts to it, it wonít show each individual area which would be annoying if you needed to use the map to see where your next action is. The game has three difficulty levels and one custom one along with plenty of collectables to find. The unique feature in the game is a choice system. The game claims that your choices affect the story, but they donít. The changes are very minor and the ending is always the same. While I applaud them trying this feature out, it fell pretty flat.

The graphics are beautiful, the game has gorgeous scenery and the character models are for the most part well done. The hidden object scenes are rendered well, none of the items are blurry or too small. Everything looks great, and the music goes well with it aesthetically. The game is fully voice acted and overall this is also well done. I wasnít a fan of all of the acting, most notably Yanosik, his audio quality also didnít seem to match that of the other actors either. Overall everything is fine and tolerable.

Eventide 2: The Sorcerers Mirror (PC) image

Eventide 2: The Sorcererís Mirror tried a few new things out and that much I have to give it credit for, with so many casual games on the market itís important for developers to think outside the box. However, this game is short and easy so I do recommend grabbing it on sale or in a bundle. This game has Steam cards and achievements which are easy to collect, you just have to play the game twice. Sadly, there is no bonus chapter in this game and since changing your choices barely changes anything in the game, having to play it twice isnít a good enough replacement in my mind. Itís a good game, itís accessible and enjoyable, but it could be better.


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Community review by Usagi (February 03, 2017)

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