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Supreme Warrior (Sega 32X) artwork

Supreme Warrior (Sega 32X) review

"Bottom of the barrel"

I'll never understand just why Tom Zito saw so much potential for FMV games in such an already crowded market. I can understand how the games were considered ahead of their time in the 1980's when they debuted and they had some unique novelty but how on earth did he think he could keep them going so far into the future when such powerful new consoles were on the horizon?

The Sega CD was a graveyard for FMV games during its entire lifespan and they only succeeded in sinking the add-on and giving it a premature death, now Digital Pictures decided that it has to make better versions of their games for Sega's next failing add-on but this time around they only succeed in becoming pointless filler on the add-on's already dismal library and nothing more.

Supreme Warrior is a complete waste of time and a digital trash heap. A caption on the front cover of the case boasts digitally re-mastered for the 32X, 40% larger video, 25% sharper video and 8 times more colors but at what cost? Let's see, first you had the cost of re-purchasing the same video game at full retail price that you already own, you have to have three consoles hooked up together and three power supplies which is a nightmare in itself just so you can have a chance to play quite possible the worst FMV game made to date with better video quality. Well guess what Tom Zito, it wasn't a good tradeoff.

I could care less about the better video quality here Digital Pictures. You obviously hired amateurs to film your videos because the camera is so jerky and unstable that it's nausea inducing to say the least and almost feels like the player in the game is the one with the camera strapped on his shoulders while fighting each round. The acting quality is so forced, it's obviously made to be hammy but this is grade Z at best. Next, the story is atrocious, if you are going to make a movie game can't you come up with a better story than the standard villain taking over the world and you're the only one who can defeat him scenario?

If you haven't played it before, it's a 1st person fighter. If your wondering how that would work then don't worry, because it doesn't at all. The fighting system is broken, you have to listen to some terrible dialogue before each fight then during the fight the opponent comes at you and the screen flashes commands at you and you have to follow them to a T or you will be defeated in a matter of seconds. There's a block icon, a punch icon, and a kick icon, whichever side of the screen it appears on is the side you have to attack with. A majority of each fight will have you guarding and blocking until you have an opening. There's just one problem, most of the blocks don't work and you will be forced to take damage and loose fights and rely on luck. Attacks only cause damage when the icon is on the screen even if the enemy is in range and should've been hit. There's a total of 12 opponents to defeat including the last boss, after several go down you will gain special abilities to aid you in the upcoming fights.

To add more insult to injury, each enemy has more and more health and can regain it during a fight. Each one has to be defeated twice like every other fighting game. Many of the fights can take over five minutes a piece to end and a fighting game that takes over an hour to complete is just wrong.

Alright, I'll have to be honest. I was only able to defeat a few opponents at all before I couldn't stand it anymore and I forced myself to sit through a play through of this game on Youtube to see the full game and believe me, it was a true test of my patience.

The game is a failure on every level, it's visually nauseating, audio wise it's muddy and muffled and not up to CD quality standards. It's truly a waste of space in the 32X's library, it should've never even been released on the Sega CD let alone on the 32X and may take top spot as my most hated game in the whole Genesis library.


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Community review by vgc2000 (August 14, 2016)

vgc2000's more extensive backlog of reviews can be found on GameFaqs. But some now live here.

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