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Metro: Last Light Redux (PC) artwork

Metro: Last Light Redux (PC) review

"никогда не прекращайте бороться"

The 'Metro' games are excellent. Though they’re based off the popular post apocalyptic fiction book by Dmitri Glukhovsky, Metro Last Light does not follow the story line in the book, instead it is a direct sequel to Metro 2033 (the game and book). Last Light is a game I believe everyone should try.

If you have heard of this game, which you probably have, it is not unknown that this game is visually outstanding. On my GTX 970 I had the game maxed out with a high framerate, well the majority of the time. Though entering the mission often made my frames drop, the attention to detail is phenomenal, every part of the Metro has been carefully engineered with precision to create the look of a worn and dying civilization. This attention to detail creates an immersive and atmospheric game.

Metro: Last Light Redux (PC) image

Just like the original game Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light is played from the perspective of Artyom, your player character. The story takes place in post-apocalyptic Moscow, mostly inside the metro system, but occasionally missions bring you above ground. As a first person shooter, the gunplay has to be perfect if the developers wish for success, they have got it right. There is a small selection of weapons, which was surprising, but the customization compensates for that. Who needs a sniper rifle when you can find a revolver and add an IR sight and a stock; even a suppressor for stealth fanatics.

The game's plot is excellent. The Metro is very atmospheric and immersive thanks to the excellent graphics, the slow paced solo guitar music and the excellent plot. I won't go into detail as I don't want to ruin the story for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of experiencing the Metro games. Essentially you, Artyom, wipe out the Dark Ones with a plethora of nuclear bombs - or so you thought. Intense radiation plagues the streets, which has caused mutation in many species turning them violent, untamable and monstrous. On the way you meet people, discover the civilizations (Hanza, Reich, The Order) and have a great time. There is a sexual nature to some of the scenes so do take that into account. The game does seem to throw enemies at you sometimes which to me could be the downfall of the gameplay.

Metro: Last Light Redux (PC) image

The music is good in this game. As you listen you can imagine the sadness in the citizens of the Metro, it's all based around slow guitar solos, creating a moody, lonely atmosphere. The gunshots in this game sound on par with modern military games which is great, the sounds of the beast are definitely threatening and after you encounter one, you are always weary of hearing a battlecry of the beasts. As this game is set in Russia, they had to find talented voice actors that could speak English with a Russian accent, they did a good job overall, although some of the characters were clearly faking the accent which at some point sucked me out of the immersive grip that the game held over me.

Overall this game is a must play from me, works great on PC with keyboard and mouse, and I'm guessing a controller would work well too. The game has great gunplay and a stellar story, which can be let down by the feeling that the game throws hordes of enemies at you for nothing else than to make you have more game time. The music and SFX are good but the voice acting feels lacking for some but most characters are excellently voice acted.


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Community review by Briddle (July 23, 2016)

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