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Homefront: The Revolution (PC) artwork

Homefront: The Revolution (PC) review

"Like Far Cry? Are you a 100%-er? Then you probably won’t mind this."

Homefront is apparently a franchise I’ve never heard of, but that shouldn’t impact The Revolution; according to some reviews, it’s not a directly tied to the last game in the series. The story is pretty easy to follow; we’re treated with a short but sweet intro sequence that tells us that the North Koreans had been selling the USA technology for decades, but when it came time to pay up, the US was in debt and collapsed. So they just moved right in and took over the country in lieu of payment. Since most of the US’s tech was purchased from Korea, they were evidently able to shut down most, if not all defenses the US had.

Honestly that’s probably a better explanation than most military shooters these days. Homefront went back decades to set up the downfall rather than the quick “Suddenly the Russians are here” or “Some PMC did a successful power-grab and owns ALL THE GUNS”.

At the very least, it does a good job of properly suspending my disbelief. The intro does a whole timeline starting from the 1970′s with a voiceover describing how everything slowly went to hell during the next 50 years. Fair enough.

Reviews for the game are “Mixed”, however most of them talk about bad optimization and how the game barely runs. That ceased to be an issue for me a couple months ago when I upgraded. As a result, Homefront runs fine. The occasional FPS drop, and even that went away once I tweaked my graphics settings - Most of which are on High (Though not on Very High).

Mechanically, the game has its ups and downs. It’s a sort of pseudo-open world that is comparable to the Far Cry series. Indeed, one could sum this game up with “Enjoy Far Cry? Play this”, because it’s the usual tower/base/zone control where you assault a stronghold or radio tower and that zone suddenly gets littered with resistance fighters, which in turn, helps you traverse the area a little more safely.

I say “pseudo” because there’s not a whole lot to do while running between base controls. Every now and then a dynamic event pops up (such as five snipers pinning down a squad), wherein you get some money and resources for completing it but they’re skippable if you have your sights on a mission - which gives you a lot more money and resources.

There’s only one mechanic so far that I despise - driving. There are bikes littered throughout the zones and sometimes you need to take one into a building and park it on a sort of wheel-generator, hold down forward for a bit to “charge” a generator, then you’ve captured the base. The problem is, as it kind of was with Far Cry, is that vehicle driving in first person is a huge pain in the ass. I tap D and it turns a full 45 degree angle when I’m just trying to inch away from some rubble. At least Far Cry gave you a large open world with fields - this is Philadelphia. There’s rubble EVERYWHERE. In my six hours of gametime I’ve yet to go thirty feet without ramming straight into something. So I'm screwed if there’s ever a mission where I have to drive one through a siege.

So far that’s been my only source of annoyance. A less annoying but still irritating issue, some of the bases are hidden in buildings where you have to find a secret ‘entrance’ in order to get into it. I’ve had to resort to youtube and walkthroughs twice to directly point me to where I need to go because I once spent ten minutes circling a building and climbing around the stairs, only to find out there was some blue paint on a bookcase that I never even saw. I walked by that bookcase a dozen times but that damn paint was never in my field of vision.

I also left a safehouse to be stuck in the “leaving” animation, where a Korean shotgunner was right there unloading into me. Some safehouse, right? Beyond that, I’ve run into a couple of bugs but nothing has been directly game breaking, except one broken base that I can’t control. Hopefully restarting the game will have fixed that.

So I’ll just sum up with “Like Far Cry? Are you a 100%-er? Then you probably won’t mind this.”


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Community review by Zydrate (May 24, 2016)

Zydrate is most active on Steam and Tumblr.

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Zydrate posted May 24, 2016:

To comment on the side: Strike point objectives (Things that help you take over zones) I find to be consistently annoying because they have certain gear requirements or entry points that I'm not always familiar with. I think one of them wanted me to have the RC Car mod on my explosives, which I never used. I accidentally exploded the car while inside and I was too broke to buy more. I've yet to breach that zone.

There's also a spot where you use a bike to charge a generator to open up a garage, and it glitched despite a game restart. It's forever closed and driving another bike won't open the gate. So there's that.

It's very glitchy and occasionally annoying, and I just hope they release various patches because some of this can be game breaking.
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Nightfire posted May 24, 2016:

You've been kinder to this game than most people. The glitchiness aside, I've heard that there are problems with the story and the voice acting is really bad.
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Zydrate posted May 24, 2016:

The voice acting isn't horrible, if a bit generic. I find the story better structured than some quasi-apocalypse military stories these days.

The game has plenty of flaws... I just think they need to patch the hell out of it.

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