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PC & Miscellaneous Game Reviews

The newest PC & Miscellaneous game reviews available on the site are listed on this page. You can search the database for additional reviews by browsing alphabetically according to game title, or feel free to check review listings for additional systems.

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ETHER One (PC & Miscellaneous) artwork

ETHER One review (PC)

Reviewed July 25, 2015

Gary Hartley says: "Holding back the waves of chaos, one tiny slice of order at a time..."
EmP's avatar
Zaxxon (PC & Miscellaneous) artwork

Zaxxon review (Commodore 64)

Reviewed July 14, 2015

sashanan says: "At the end of this base, the eponymous Zaxxon attacks, a giant killer robot that actually does very little killing. Rather, he lumbers towards you, fires a single missile, and bugs out, ending the stage even if you fail to destroy him in what little time you get. And then it all repeats."
sashanan's avatar
Cast of the Seven Godsends (PC & Miscellaneous) artwork

Cast of the Seven Godsends review (PC)

Reviewed July 14, 2015

Joseph Shaffer says: "Ghosts 'n Frustrations"
JoeTheDestroyer's avatar
Super Zaxxon (PC & Miscellaneous) artwork

Super Zaxxon review (Arcade)

Reviewed July 13, 2015

Wendell B says: "The supreme space challenge?"
pickhut's avatar
Risk of Rain (PC & Miscellaneous) artwork

Risk of Rain review (PC)

Reviewed July 11, 2015

Robotic_Attack says: "...extremely addicting and will have you playing over and over and over again and having new experiences the whole time."
Robotic_Attack's avatar
Zaxxon (PC & Miscellaneous) artwork

Zaxxon review (Arcade)

Reviewed July 10, 2015

Jason Venter says: "Zaxxon is a classic that's most easily enjoyed if you established a connection with it much closer to its original release."
honestgamer's avatar
Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm (PC & Miscellaneous) artwork

Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm review (PC)

Reviewed July 09, 2015

Gary Hartley says: "Old-School Sensibilities. "
EmP's avatar
Unpossible (PC & Miscellaneous) artwork

Unpossible review (PC)

Reviewed July 06, 2015

Gary Hartley says: "Endless Runner - The Greed Chapter"
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