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serial experiments lain (PlayStation) artwork

serial experiments lain (PlayStation) review

"It's like falling down the stairs, you drop to the bottom and it wasn't that fun in the process."

When it comes to games that revolve around an anime, what could you really expect? When it comes to an action anime, like Naruto, you can create (obviously) an action game, with that genre could come many ideas for an exciting game, with many kind of genres of anime there is, in this world is a genre of video gaming that would suit it well.

What I'm trying to say is that the biggest reason why this game suffered so much was because of the source material, you can't take such a condensed show and make it into a game, if you really want to, you can basically call this an interactive movie if you really wanted to, a bad interactive movie.

Lain is a girl that gets caught up in the wired, which is basically another word for something like the internet, and as she starts discovering more and more things about this online world, the line between wired and reality start the blur and Lain's own existence is questioned. Now how do you take such a fulfilling plot and turn it upside down? Change it up.

The Video Game takes a different approach to the anime's version by simply having a different plot while still consisting of the whole "wired world" concept, now this wouldn't be a problem if it didn't have a poorly written new plot, because the storytelling for overly confusing, and not in a psychological way, but in a more flawed way. Along with that, the story was all over the place, as watching an unlocked clip would lead to another one, but sometimes, the clips aren't even fully unlocked so nothing is really resolved, and sometimes, some of these cutscenes are very useless in progressing the plot, which is really a pain to go through.

Along with that, it was ahead of its time, when making a show like Lain, the technology was ahead of its time for what it was talking about in the show but it has aged well for what has come for technology for the present time, as or the technology something is on, that doesn't change.

The PS1 didn't hold this game up well, as the game was slowed down EVEN MORE with Slow and drawn out loading times and the game was EVEN MORE boring with the absence of music here and there.

If your looking for a good story, just watch the anime. If your looking for a good anime video game, there are many other ones that will suit your needs much more.

It really is a shame that the game was not too good because the anime is pretty well done, which makes this even more of the shame because the anime came FIRST, the production could've been better but instead was lower drastically.


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Community review by Klonoa (November 29, 2015)

Nigel Shumate likes movies, games, and anime. Did I mention Nigel Shumate is also a lost cause?


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