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N.P.P.D.RUSH - The milk of Ultra violet (PC) artwork

N.P.P.D.RUSH - The milk of Ultra violet (PC) review

" are a former druggie, now limbless torso, that has been jacked into some sort of super bike and tasked with saving other junkies...Yeah, I didn’t get it either."

The milk of Ultra violet...
You know when a game is titled //N.P.P.D.RUSH// - The milk of Ultra violet you are going to be in for a ridiculous ride. And boy, is this game ridiculous. The steam page advertisement for this game is “the speed run, glitch punk micro epic.” What the hell does that even mean?!? I can tell you that what this game IS, is a messy top-down shooter. The game gives you a 5 minute timer to make it through 5 levels saving 30 babes (or “female junkies”). Along the way your eyes start bleeding as a barrage of retro-styled graphics and random effects blow across your screen (which is edited to look like an old CRT television). The storyline in this game is gritty and confusing. I gathered that you are a former druggie, now limbless torso, that has been jacked into some sort of super bike and tasked with saving other junkies. Makes sense right? No? Yeah, I didn’t get it either.

N.P.P.D.RUSH - The milk of Ultra violet (PC) image

Retro Terror
//N.P.P.D.RUSH// - The milk of Ultra violet seeks to hail back to 80’s with its graphics, gameplay and story. It does have a retro feel, and not like the new-age “retro” games that have modern mechanics and storylines with 8-bit graphics...but this game actually feels like an old-school game. Unfortunately, it pulls from all the bad memories of those games. It is clunky, confusing as all hell, and frustrating. You can’t tell what is going on half the time and don’t really know what you should be doing the other half. Everytime you get hit or hit something your screen will splatter up with color effects...pretty much blinding you to what is happening. You have no camera control and the default camera isn’t panned out enough for you to see what is coming up. The basic gameplay concept of having you re-run something in ~5 minute chunks (you can buy more time though) is very arcade-ish...but doesn’t make sense on a PC game and, frankly, is really frustrating and not very fun. There is one good thing about this game though, and that is the music. The rock-styled music during the levels really hits home with the feel of the game, and the final boss music is ultra epic and reminded me of 80’s anime. As good as the music is though, it doesn’t hide the fact that it is the only thing good about this game.

N.P.P.D.RUSH - The milk of Ultra violet (PC) image

Passion Doesn’t Mean Performance
I really wanted to like this game since the more I looked into it, the more I found out about the developer, who is apparently just one guy (already a nice feat to make a game by yourself when it is often the work of teams or large groups of people nowadays). He is really invested in the game and is trying his utmost to tweak it to please the community...even to the point where he has already overhauled the game once only a month following release, apparently amping the speed up a lot, updating a lot of the models, redoing the levels, and taking out the somewhat clunky adventure portions. That doesn’t mean much though since the final product (as it stands right now) is just terrible. It is unique, and it will appeal to a certain audience...but outside of that very specific audience this game will just amount a nightmare of a gaming experience. //N.P.P.D.RUSH// - The milk of Ultra violet is a 2/10. It just ends up being a mess and painful to play. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, but know that it will appeal to a handful of people...I just have no clue who they are.


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Community review by Never3ndr (July 06, 2014)

Retro-Gaming Enthusiast!

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EmP posted July 14, 2014:

I picked this up as my original run at a # review months back after scanning a few reviews that did nothing but gush praise. I... did not care for it either. Thank you for saving me the trouble of going back and writing those thoughts up!

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