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Double Dragon (Sega Master System) artwork

Double Dragon (Sega Master System) review

"I did decide to give Double Dragon an 8/10. It is a fun game, better than most, and offers one of the few quality 2-player experiences on the system."

Double Your Pleasure...Double Your Fun
Double Dragon is a hella fun game. You battle against punks, chicks, and mountains of muscle that want nothing more than to bash you over the head. To help you defend yourself...and by defend I mean kick some serious butt...can pick up bats, whips, barrels, even boxes, and this is all on top of the regular kicks, punches, elbows, and flying-super-leap-kicks-of-doom that you can perform. What’s the best thing though? Your friend can hop on and do the same things WITH YOU. That’s right, Double Dragon on the Sega Master System (SMS) offers one of the few versions for co-op play! Nothing beats beating up bad guys with your buddy!!!

Double Dragon (Sega Master System) image

Flawful Fun
Okay, as fun as Double Dragon is...there are some issues with it that really hinder the game. Probably the most annoying and overtly obvious flaw is the flickering. Even playing solo, there is ton of flickering that occurs...and, unfortunately, playing with another player just makes it worse. It’s like you are playing ghost versions of your characters since you can pretty much see through them with the crazy amount of flicker. On top of that, your basic hits don’t stun bad guys enough to let you unleash a full combo. So, after one of two hits you’ll get punched right in the face...which really detracts from the kickbutt flow of a beat-em’-up. Hit detection also really deserves a mention...because it sucks. It won’t be uncommon for you to punch, kick, or whip (this one seems the worst) your enemies...only to have it “whiff” even though it connected (at least graphically).

Double Dragon (Sega Master System) image

Beat-Em’-Up Bliss
I honestly had a hard time deciding on a score for Double Dragon. The game is a classic, it really started the big beat-em’-up craze of the 90’s. It’s also really, really fun to play, especially with co-op. However, this port on the SMS has some serious flaws with the basic gameplay. The flickering and getting interrupted from basic combos are the ones that really detracted from my experience. Even so, I did decide to give Double Dragon an 8/10. It is a fun game, better than most, and offers one of the few quality 2-player experiences on the system. So, I’d recommend this game to anybody who wants to play a fun 8-bit game with a friend, and also any avid gaming fan looking to play through some of the “classic” games in the 8-bit generation.

Rating: 8/10

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Community review by Never3ndr (June 16, 2014)

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