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Asterix (Sega Master System) artwork

Asterix (Sega Master System) review

"Asterix has a great difficulty progression, presents some nice puzzle elements, and has some of the best level design Iíve played through. Iíd say that this is one game that every retro gamer should experience!"

Help us Asterix...You are our Only Hope!

The village is in dire need. We are the last bastion of freedom left in Gaul...all the lands on this continent have been conquered by the Roman Empire. And now, it seems that our time is finally up...

Ceasar!!! He is a dastardly foe. He has sent his best against us. Time and time again they have failed thanks to Getafix...that genius of a druid has discovered how to create potions to make you invincible!!! With those potions and the strength of me, Asterix, and my great buddy, Obelix, we have been able to hold out against his unending legions. But it seems all hope is lost. Ceasar has had Getafix kidnapped! Our supply of invincibility potions is running dangerously low. We cannot hope to hold out anymore.


I will not accept this. For my village, for my friends, and for my family I will get Getafix!

Obelix! Letís go rescue Getafix and restore hope to our village!

Asterix image

No Gimmicks, Just Gameplay

So letís say you usually eat at a local restaurant, or just grab something quick at a fast food place. Then one day you decide to go save up some cash and plan out a trip to eat at a five-star restaurant! When you get there you canít even read half of the menu...itís in French or decide to stay safe and order something comfortable, like steak! When it arrives and you take that first bite and...itís like heaven. Hands down the best steak youíve ever tasted! Asterix is a bit like that. Itís a bit of fine dining in the casual eating of the gaming world.

Even though Asterix is foreign (not released in America, and featuring a French comic book hero) it doesnít do anything fancy. No gameplay gimmicks, just great game design. You play through 8 levels (with up to 3 sub-areas) featuring starkly different environments from the freezing winter to the hot deserts of Egypt. Each environment comes with its own, distinctive, look and cast of baddies to battle. And, just like the game doesnít recycle its enemies, it also doesnít recycle its gameplay challenges. One level may have you in the dreaded auto-scroll screen, another may have you sliding along some ice, yet another may have you hopping along some bubbles...but none will have the same thing you've already seen! The diversity in puzzles and platforming challenges that are thrown at you are just astounding. Asterix also has a great difficulty curve starting off easy and letting you get comfortable with the game and ending in some really intense levels that may have you dying over and over again (without being overly frustrating). Perhaps the most epic part of the game is that you can play as either Asterix or Obelix! Not excited? Well, both heroes feature a unique set of skills. Still not excited? Well, each level is also designed to cater specifically to that heroís skill set! That means that you can play the same level with a different hero and have a new experience with it! Excited? OKAY!

Asterix image

One of the Best 8-bit Platformers...Bar None

9/10...something just short of perfection. Yeah that sounds about right. As far as platforming goes, Asterix IS perfect. It has a great difficulty progression, presents some nice puzzle elements, and has some of the best level design Iíve played through. There aren't really any flaws with the game. The only things that may be ďflawedĒ are just elements of the game that don't end up as awesome as the rest of the game. The main things that stand out in that respect are the music...which isnít bad, but is certainly forgettable...and also, the fact that the game doesnít really step outside of the box, nothing genre breaking here. However, even if the game doesnít re-define the platforming genre, itís probably one of the best examples of an 8-bit platformer. So, with that said, Iíd say that this is one game that every retro gamer should experience!

Rating: 9/10

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Community review by Never3ndr (April 18, 2014)

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Germ posted April 18, 2014:

The Asterix comics were always something I wanted to get into but never did. I would never have suspected the Master System tie-in to be of such high quality. Thanks for the review!

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