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Devil May Cry 2 (PlayStation 2) artwork

Devil May Cry 2 (PlayStation 2) review

" Contrary to what you may have read, Devil May Cry 2 is NOT a bad game...I know it's not for everyone, but for everyone that likes games for the actual game, you'll love this. Here's why. "

Contrary to what you may have read, Devil May Cry 2 is NOT a bad game...I know it's not for everyone, but for everyone that likes games for the actual game, you'll love this. Here's why.

You have the choice of playing as Dante, a demon slayer, the son of the Demon, Sparda, or Lucia who...uhh...She doesn't really make sense unless I spoil the game..which is how much of the game goes. No sense.

Let's face it. This is an action game, it's going to have a shit storyline. Look at Shinobi, it's storyline made little sense, but did that matter? Not really.

When you start the game, you save Lucia from Harpys trying to steal a coin. Apparently, it's some ultra-badass don't really know. And where did the harpys come from? Hell, who is the bint you just saved? It doens't make sense.

But it gets better. You're introduced to even more characters who don't have any storyline, appear randomly, have no reason to be where they are, and make you find items that you, and nobody else, knows anything about. The storyline is equivilent to that of ''Street Fighter''

Here's a transcript of a conversation(Yes, it's fake, but it's to make a point)

Dante:*saves girl from an explosion...that you know nothing about*

Matier: Hello, Dante(this is said in a heavily faked russian accent, even though the woman is obviously indian and is like 4000 years old)

Lucia:Matier!(Pronounced ''Mat-e-a''...she speaks in a russian accent too, when she looks irish)

Matier: Do you have the Arcanas?(That's the subtitling, the voice overs are pretty poor, mainly due to the russian accent)

Lucia: Yes, we have them(Meanwhile, you know jack shit about what the arcanas are, nor what they are used for)

Dante: (stands there some, not really caring about the explosion that just happened, nor who the old woman is)

Matier:*points to Dante* The son of sparda....

Dante: You knew my father?(Note: he still doesn't care who she is, though)

Matier: I knew him well. I will tell you the story sometime(Note: She never does)
*old woman walks into a hole that wasn't there before. Bingo, you're in the next stage*

The graphics, sadly, are also less than perfect. This is a major strike into the game because Devil May Cry is all about looking cool while you kick major portions of ass. It really hit me hard when I couldn't get over the fact that Dante looks retarded, and the ''Sexy''(the game has to make several points that Lucia is sexy) Lucia has fat hips.

The sound is also pretty bad. The voice overs are terrible, and most of the monster sounds are pretty bad and sound like they're taken from the original Diablo...that's all there is to say about that.

Now we get to the part that will compell you to buy the game, the gameplay.

You see, before I read the reviews for Devil May Cry, I figured everyone that reviewed a game knew that gameplay was King, or was a stupid fanboy(this means you, Final Fantasy freaks.). But, when I got this, I was completely submerged in how incedibly awesome the gameplay is. You can do a flurry of combos, follow up sword attacks with special gun-sword combinations, jump off of walls, and even customize your devil trigger form!

Now, the gameplay also brings back the ''Style'' aspect. Basically, the more badass you look when you do something, the better your score will be. Repeating the same move over and over or simply gunning your way through won't do it. You need to chain different moves, dodge right before you're hit, do gun combos and more to maintain a high style rating.

Let's face facts...Gameplay is why you buy a game. You don't buy a game for pretty graphics(Except for DoA: Extreme Beach Volleyball), An awe-inspiring storyline(Except for RPGs) or wonderful sound(except for Bust a Groove and Frequency). You buy it for gameplay. If you don't enjoy a games mechanics, you won't enjoy the game. It's that simple. And Devil May Cry 2 has plenty of incredible gameplay features.

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Community review by vincent_valentine (March 21, 2003)

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