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Spec Ops: The Line (Xbox 360) artwork

Spec Ops: The Line (Xbox 360) review

"Spec Ops: The Line: Game Review "

Spec Ops: The Line: Game Review
Dubai is a wreck, and so is agent Walker. A Man on a mission to save civilizations a Man falling down a downward spiral a delta leader with a heart that beats amongst the chaos. You play as him, you are placed inside his boots, inside his catastrophic mind. You are not alone you have two delta squadrons to assist you in the battle of mind and body, war and death. It isnít pretty.

Walker is an enigma, a Man ever suited for war, a walking machine with lungs that can scream, and a heart that can hurt. He sees things in Dubai that would scar a normal person for life, but Agent Walker is not a normal Man, he is something of an eccentric, battling demons from the past. As a solider, he is first class, a monumental fighter that has no fear when it comes to eradicating war mongers.

When it comes to controlling Agent Walker, it can be an ever-annoying chore, we clicking the A button to make him shield himself, he sometimes will jump around, flapping like a bird. The controls are a little bit unconstructed and unreliable. Iím not taking anything away from the game; it is a fantastic 3rd person shooter, with a lot going for it. It might not be in the same mould as COD or MOH, but it still offers some great playing time. As I said before, the controls in Spec Ops arenít flawless, sometimes they can become stuck and can drive the occupier insane, but if you can get them right, then you will experience war at its finest.

In Spec Ops: The Line, nature will take its toll, it will push you away from your mission. Sand storms are frequent in the game; they can be ferocious and can obscure your vision. But you can use them to your advantage. If there is a piece of glass behind the swarms of enemies, when you shoot the glass, sand will engulf and kill them. Itís a neat trick that can help you in the thickness of battle.

Making choices in Spec Ops: The Line can hinder you, it wont dissolve your chances of progression, but it will place a blemish on Agent Walker and his menís psychological tendencies. As the player you donít know whatís behind each door, thatís what makes the game exciting and intriguing.

Taking cover can save your life, telling your agents to throw a flash bang or a frag grenade can also keep you breathing. Commands in Spec Ops are a great tool, using them wisely will clear out the enemies that come in droves.

Spec Ops: The Line is a game that will keep your mind alert and alive, the storyline is engaging, the battles are fierce, and the whole backdrop of Dubai is seedy. War is on the faces of Walker and Co, love is never shared, it not for the romantic, its for that person that loves to submerge their head into catastrophe. You will feel a sense of emotion for the characters, a sense of longing. If you start to feel this, you are normal, your heart is just weeping a little. What Walker and co witnesses would scar the normal workingman, you would need hard-shelled resolve, a good gun, and a heart of steel.

What Spec Ops does it gives your heart a sense of direction, will you feel anything, or will you just go on without feeling a thing. Not many games do this, not many games give your heart a jolt, not many games push you into the storyline without a paddle, you will usually feel a little remorse for a second, and then you will move onto the next title. Spec Ops storyline is unique.

Rating: 8/10

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Community review by Alk31997 (July 06, 2012)

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zippdementia posted July 08, 2012:

ut you can use them to your advantage. If there is a piece of glass behind the swarms of enemies, when you shoot the glass, sand will engulf and kill them. Itís a neat trick that can help you in the thickness of battle.

That's kind of cool sounding, actually. I don't know about playing a game where shielding can sometimes result in my character jumping around like a chicken, though.

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