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Nicktoons Unite! (GameCube) artwork

Nicktoons Unite! (GameCube) review

"Want a trip down memory lane? This game will make anyone who grew up with the Nicktoons in the early 2000s"

Ah this game brings back memories of running home to watch Spongebob after school. The game starts off as any Spongebob episode as he walks out of his house to go to Patrick's when Plankton's voice suddenly comes over a loud speaker, where this speaker came from without anyone noticing I have no idea, but that's not the point. He sucks all the people up but Jimmy Neutron saves Spongebob. When you get to his lab Jimmy, Timmy Turner and Danny Phantom are already there. The basic premise of this game is Professor Calamitous has gotten technology to travel to dimensions and get Vlad, Plankton and Mr. Croker. Maybe he stole the Time Eater from Dr. Eggman.

You have four worlds to travel through (Ghost World, Bikini Bottom, Fairy World, Goddard) most worlds consist of 4 levels with the forth ending in the respective boss. The last one however is only one long level and the final boss. I feel this made the game way too short, maybe 8 per world would have been a lot better as I beat this in about 5 hours, and I'm not a good gamer!

Something else I really liked was the humour. Parts really sounded like jokes that would be used in one of their respective cartoons. Something bad though was some cut-scenes were narrated and some you read. In my opinion they should have either been one or the other.

Another nice thing about this game is 4-player co-op. I don't have 4 Gamecube controllers but I did enjoy playing with my brother and dad. Switching characters was fairly easy as well. You just push the Directional Control Pad in a certain direction for each character. Controls are also easy to master.

One last thing was the power-ups. Every once in a while you will see a Pod with a symbol that represents one of the characters. Going up to it and pressing “B” will Power you up. Some power-ups were useful like Spongebob's “Bubble Bombs”. While others were, “Shouldn't they already know how to do this?” like Danny's “Going Ghost” and others were pointless like Spongebob's “Doodlebob Aeroplanes”.

Overall playing this game again was really fun. Although I really didn't like how many glitches/tricks I exploited for the final boss accidentally. It is definitely worth $10 (like I re-bought it for) but I wouldn't go much over that due to shortness.


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Community review by Doublethree1 (June 11, 2012)

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