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Front Mission 3 (PlayStation) artwork

Front Mission 3 (PlayStation) review

"Well Square has done it once again. They have set their place, as one of the greatest RPG companies the world has ever seen. Front Mission 3 is a new type of RPG unlike anything before. "

Well Square has done it once again. They have set their place, as one of the greatest RPG companies the world has ever seen. Front Mission 3 is a new type of RPG unlike anything before.

(Areas are rated on a scale from 1-100)

The graphics are probably the best overall seen all the way through an RPG. Sure the FF9 FMVs look awesome, but they doesn't provide that overall look that Front Mission 3 does. All the way through the game you see this beautiful, well-textured beauty. It looks like you're seeing a FMV all the way through it. When the game switches to am FMV then back, you can barely tell the difference. Then when you go into battle and are fighting, you just have to sit back and admire the detail on the Wanzers(Mechs). You can see every pipe and wire. Then when someone's arm gets knocked off, you see the sparkling of the wires, flapping around in the air. It is truly amazing to see the detail put into this game.

Well, probably the only small thing wrong with this game is the sound. It's not really noticeable, since you're usally planning your fighting srategy, instead of banging to the music :). But when you do take time to listen to it, it kinda gets annoying after a while. I think this is the only area Square could have improved on this game.

Play Mechanics-97
I just love the battle system in FM3! The game is pretty much battling all the way through. There is no exploring and walking around on your own. I think this more linear style of play suits this game very well, because without all the exploring you can focus on the important issue, which is battling. The battling system where your mechs parts get torn up is really neat. I love just knocking off another Wanzers arms, or rendering his legs helpless, because I severely messed them up with a shotugn. There are several different attacks ranging from giant fist blows to the homing rocket, with each one of the attacks differing in damage. At certain times you can use a Tech Skill, sometimes gaining double EXP points or maybe dealing a heavy amount of damge to the Pilot, so you can steal his Wanzer :P. I have to put it to you: the battling system is revolutionery.

Surprisingly enough, this game starts provding a challenge about 10 battles into the game. It's not like games where you go through 2 or 3 discs before you start really trying in battle; it provides a REAL challenge right out of the package. I've found myself many times going into a battle thinking I was just gonna wipe all the enemies out, then getting my arms and legs blew off in a few attacks. Sometimes it took me 10 tries or so to actually beat the opposing force. Belive me: when you buy this game be prepared to fight to live.

Lasting Appeal-96
With 2 different storylines, and over 215 hours of gameplay ,you'll be at this game for a few weeks, if you're ready to get everything the game has to offer. You could be playing this game over and over and still not get tired of it.

If you haven't got the point from reading this, then i will put it to you plainly: GO BUY THIS GAME, NOW. I promise it will have you stunned just as much as I was when i first played it.

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